Christmas Tea for Carasmark

I’m friends with a superhero.

Her name is Shannon and she runs a nonprofit organization called Carasmark. She started it in memory of her first daughter, Avelin Cara, who was lost to stillbirth five and a half years ago. She has taken her personal tragedy and turned it around to help families and children in need through several outreach projects. Did I mention she runs this organization while also taking care of two young daughters (who are too precious for words)?

She rocks.

This past Saturday she had a fundraising event for Carasmark – a Christmas Tea. I offered my services to help serve the guests, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. It was lovely! Certainly Pinterest worthy in the setup alone. She had a beautiful assortment of china plates and tea cups, real glass water goblets, and the table decor featured mason jars filled with cranberries and Christmas tree clippings. Too perfect.

Then…there was the food. Shannon treated the women attending this Christmas Tea with three types of scones (butterscotch, cranberry, and vanilla/almond), three types of finger sandwiches (cucumber, turkey, and mozzarella w/roasted red pepper), raspberry linzer cookies, gingerbread, and brownies topped with ganache and crushed candy canes. And of course, because she’s a superhero, she made all of this food by herself from scratch. Amazing.

Please consider donating to Carasmark today. Help a superhero help others!

One Comment on “Christmas Tea for Carasmark”

  1. Shannon says:

    Barbara, you are the sweetest. Thank you SO very much for helping. I have officially been moved to tears:).

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